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Common Q&A


How do I Transfer into another A&J unit?

If you have satisfied your lease term, you will need to fill out another application (there is not another fee). Once approved, pay the deposit on your new apartment, an inspection of the inside must be performed, and sign a new rental agreement. Your benefit as being an A&J resident is that we waive the 30-day notice required. You are charged rent on your old apartment until we receive your keys. Your security deposit is returned to you with an itemized statement within 21 days to your new address.


Can I Have Permission For a Pet?

If your building accepts pets, you will need to pay an additional deposit and sign a pet agreement. If you get caught with an unathorized pet in your unit, it may negatively affect your rental history and/or result in being asked to vacate the premises.


How do I Remove/Add a Resident onto My Lease?

To remove someone from your lease, the person wishing to be removed from the lease needs to turn in a 30-day notice. All residents on the lease need to sign an addendum to the lease stating that the roommate is being removed and that all other persons on the lease agree. In addition to the removal, the person(s) remaining on the lease must be re-qualified so that we know that you can/will be approved for the apartment on your own. If we find that the remaining person(s) does not qualify, the remaining person(s) may be served a 30 day notice to vacate if they don't do so themselves. To add a roommate to your lease, they must fill out an application and be approved. Once the approval process has taken place, both you and the adjoining roommate must come into the office and sign an addendum to the lease, stating you are both now the current residents.


What is the Move-Out Process?

You must give a 30 day notice to vacate. If your lease term is up, you can choose to do a walk through or just turn your keys into your on-site manager or the office when you move out. If you choose to drop your keys off, remember to include the date, phone number and your forwarding address; you may put them through the door slot in the main office after hours as well. If you want a walk through inspection, call the office to schedule a day and time. At that appointment, you will give your keys to your property manager along with your forwarding address and any other pertinent information.


What do I need to do to get my deposit back?

There are no automatic charges when you vacate. Make sure you put in your 30 day notice; residents who move out short of giving notice are held to a 30 day notice or the end of their lease term. Also, we suggest that you read the acknowledgment letter that is sent to you when you give us your 30 day notice and review your Move-In Inspection Sheet that you signed when you occupied the unit. Painting is prorated; carpet, blinds and cleaning are not prorated no matter the length of residency. Many residents elect to let us clean and have it taken out of their deposit to save the time, energy and frustration of cleaning the apartment only to be told it still isn't 'clean' enough. Make sure you turn in your keys, rent is charged for each day we don't receive your keys.


How do I break my lease?

If you need to vacate short of your lease term, you simply move out and turn your keys into the office. If you know that you are going to be breaking the lease term it is helpful to let the office know so that we can try and get the unit re-rented for you in a short amount of time. Try and leave your home as clean as when you received it so that we can get it on the rental list as quick as possible. You are responsible for the rent until the unit is re-rented. Your cooperation in showing the unit, advertising on CraigsList and leaving it rent ready are good ways to ensure you won't be held for the entire lease term.


I Lost My Keys - How Do I Request New Ones?

If you lose your keys during business hours, contact our office. If we have a copy in the office, there will not be a charge to let you back in. You will need to come to the office to pick them up. If we do not have a copy in the office however and we need to re-key your unit, you will be billed for the expense. Loss of keys after hours is not considered an emergency and you may not get a call back. If you do not get a call back, you will need to call a locksmith at your own expense.

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